Hi! My name is Khaled Jabssr, and I am a graduate Computer Science Student at The University of Oklahoma.

Research and Publications:

I am a graduate computer science student at the University of Oklahoma(OU). My current research is focused on Neuroevolution and Generative Models. I also did some stuff with Political Event Data

Publications (To be updated)

Yan Liang, Christan Grant, Andrew Halterman, Jill A. Irvine, Khaled Jabr. New Techniques for Coding Political Events Across Languages. IEEE 18th International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration. Salt Lake City, UT. 2018. pdf slides

Andrew Halterman, Jill A. Irvine, Christan Grant, Khaled Jabr, Yan Liang. Creating an Automated Event Data System for Arabic Text. Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association (ISA). San Francisco, CA. 2018. pdf slides

I will update my website with my current project soon, but meanwhile you can view my resume.

Contact :

EMAIL: Khaled.n.jabr@gmail.com



About Me :

Prior to attending OU, I was fortunate enough to have attended The United World Colleges in Costa Rica, where I obtained my international baccalaureate, and had two of the most aspiring years of my life.

Aside from school and research, I enjoy playing soccer, listening to music, reading books, and learning about economics and politics. I also try to blog each now and then :)